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European Nuclear Power Briefing 2017

Stephen L. Turner
Special Consultant

Mr. Turner has a detailed, working knowledge of centrifuge technology. This work stems from many years of R&D support on gas centrifuge technology at Exxon Nuclear Company, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Boeing, and the University of Virginia. Mr. Turner performed a technical evaluation of the design and performance of the Advanced Gas Centrifuge (AGC). This work supported LLNL in the DOE AVLIS vs. AGC selection process in 1985. He was the leader of three assessment teams including rotordynamics/balancing, bearing design, and balance of plant. In addition, he was a support member of the reliability availability and maintainability (RAM), operating costs, capital costs, and program plan assessment teams. After the selection of AVLIS, he was the Test Director for AVLIS integrated testing until 1988.

In the early, 1990's, he assisted in a comprehensive technical/business enterprise evaluation of the advanced enrichment technology options for the United States Enrichment Corporation (USEC). This study was used to define the various advanced technology options available and considered AVLIS, gas centrifuge, chemical, and gaseous diffusion enrichment technologies.

Mr. Turner specializes in establishing and developing engineering models and the associated economic/financial analyses to aid clients in understanding the profit potential of new ventures or innovative technical approaches. His diverse background in engineering design, process operations, regulatory compliance, financial risk assessment, and project management enable him to address all aspects of project evaluation. These models are used in various decision processes such as bid/no bid, return on net investment, and project go/no go. These evaluations have primarily been applied to nuclear fuel cycle options (front end and back end) in Japan and in the US.

Mr. Turner was formerly a Chief Scientist and Assistant Vice President of Technology at Science Applications International Corporation. Mr. Turner holds both a B.S., Mechanical Engineering (1977), M.S., Mechanical Engineering (1978) from the University of Virginia.

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