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International Uranium Fuel Seminar

Yun Zhou, Ph.D.
Special Consultant

Dr. Yun Zhou will be joining UxC's team as a Special Consultant in July 2011 to support projects focusing on China's nuclear power program, international nonproliferation issues, as well as various other technical and policy areas.

Dr. Zhou has been a research fellow at Harvard University's Belfer Center's Project on Managing the Atom and International Security Program since 2009. She is also research scholar at the Center of International and Security Studies at the University of Maryland. Her current research interests include international security and safety implications under a global nuclear expansion scenario and alternative nuclear technologies, such as small reactor designs without on-site refueling for developing countries. She has examined China's nuclear energy policy and industry and analyzed security implications of China's nuclear energy growth.

Dr. Zhou received her Ph.D. in nuclear engineering from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2006. She has been a researcher at Pacific Ecoinformatics and Computational Ecology Lab and at General Atomics and attended the Santa Fe Institute's Complex Systems Summer School in 2004. She has worked on a wide variety of research studies including nuclear material safety under dry storage, health risk assessment associated with chemicals, ecological risk assessment due to biodiversity loss. She has published articles in a wide variety of journals, including nuclear engineering and design and energy policy.

Yun Zhou was born in China. She obtained her B.S. in engineering physics from Tsinghua University, Beijing.

Updated: 4/13/11