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Holos Generators

UxC: Consulting Services

Special Ux Consulting® Services

UxC provides specialized consulting services to clients in a number of areas, dealing with strategic, market, and policy-related issues, as well as providing support in arbitration and litigation cases. Delivery of these services can be tailored to meet the customer’s requirements, and can range from one-day management seminars to comprehensive consulting reports and various other consulting products. Some specific areas of support are identified below. In addition to the custom services, UxC continues to produce numerous in-depth, special reports that are sold on a multi-client basis, with examples of recent reports shown in this list.

Market Analysis

UxC analyzes the impact of various developments on the various nuclear fuel and reactor markets, including assessing the impact on supply, demand, and price. These analyses can be taken one step further to assess the impact on the client’s individual business and unique position in the market.

Strategic Planning

UxC provides recommendations of how a client can position itself to take advantage of upcoming market and business trends. In this area, UxC can also suggest or evaluate new ways of doing business, as well as the gains to be achieved through strategic alliances or other non-conventional mechanisms.

Review of Utility Procurement Practices

UxC “audits” past utility nuclear fuel procurement practices and suggest modifications to achieve the utility’s goals.

Utility Procurement Strategies

UxC develops nuclear fuel procurement strategies in light of the utility’s objectives and market opportunities. Issues such as market timing, spot vs. long-term contracting, pricing mechanisms, and inventory policies are addressed.

Utility Procurement Training Seminars

UxC provides advanced training seminars that are tailored to utility nuclear fuel procurement managers. Current and future market issues are critiqued and management practices are reviewed on how to best prepare procurement strategies based on these issues.


UxC can identify potential sellers/buyers and strategies to achieve the least cost for an acquisition or maximum revenue from a sale.

Marketing Strategies

In addition to utility support, UxC can provide nuclear fuel component suppliers with advice on how to approach the market and achieve maximum revenues.

Policy Issues

UxC assesses the impact of government policies on the client’s business and the market in general, including such areas as government inventories, trade, and nonproliferation policy. UxC services also include the preparation of position papers to help clarify matters that are being reviewed by the government.

Litigation and Arbitration Support

UxC provides expert market and economic advice with respect to litigation and arbitration proceedings relating to the front end of the fuel cycle. Work can include strategy development and expert testimony.

Information Technology

UxC provides additional services including management and assistance in the development of web sites, computer databases, and other systems to support a client's needs.

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