UxC Update

May 2017

A periodic newsletter to keep our clients up-to-date on developments within our company

We are now a third of the way through 2017, and there are several new and exciting developments here at UxC. To support the industry during this challenging period, UxC remains committed to our clients and the industry at large by sharing research, by providing our insights on a wide variety of topics at international conferences, and by offering unique products and services to address the industry's current needs.

Speeches and Articles by UxC Personnel

UxC experts are keeping quite busy by contributing to major international conferences and industry journals.

Jonathan Hinze Executive Vice President, International, published a White Paper on "Prospects for China's Nuclear Program," which is available for free access https://www.uxc.com/p/fuelcycle/China_2017_04.aspx.


Jonathan will also be participating and moderating two sessions: one on Small Modular and Advanced Reactor Developments and another on Nuclear Fuel Cycle Strategies, at the Asia Nuclear Business Platform to be held in Shanghai, China on May 17-18.

Eric Webb, Executive Vice President, will be participating in a panel discussion on Best Practices in Price Benchmarking at the World Nuclear Fuel Market Annual Meeting in Budapest, Hungary being held on June 4-6.

Nick Carter, Executive Vice President, Uranium, will be presenting a paper entitled, "The Emerging Production Cost Gap" at The AusIMM International Uranium Conference 2017 to be held in Adelaide, Australia on June 6-7.

Anna Bryndza, Senior Vice President, Policy, will be participating and presenting at the IX International Forum ATOMEXPO to be held in Moscow, Russia on June 19-21.

Carlyn Greene, Executive Director of Backend Publications, having just completed a successful vendor booth at the annual NEI Used Fuel Management Conference in Savannah, Georgia, will be publishing an article this summer that reviews the 32nd Annual Spent Fuel Management Seminar in the Institute of Nuclear Materials Management (INMM)'s Journal of Nuclear Materials Management.

Christhian Rengifo, Senior Consultant, International Nuclear Policy, will be presenting a paper entitled, "Status and Challenges for China's Nuclear Energy Program" at the 15th International Association for Energy Economics European Conference 2017 to be held in Vienna, Austria on September 3-6.

Nuclear Fuel Training Seminar

Although we are rapidly filling up, registration for the last remaining seats is still open for our 2017 Nuclear Fuel Training Seminar, which will be held in the Buckhead area of Atlanta on June 27-29, 2017. This is an opportunity to hear from UxC experts and consultants and participate in in-depth discussions on the global nuclear fuel markets. As was the case last year, UxC is again opening up seminar participation to all nuclear market participants and other interested parties. However, due to the unique interactive nature of this seminar, spaces are limited.

Recent and Upcoming Reports

As a service to our clients and the industry, we list below some recently completed reports as well as reports we plan to issue in the upcoming few months.

Nuclear Zirconium Alloy Market – In early May, UxC published its sixth edition of this special report, which provides the latest information and analysis of the various sectors that make up the nuclear-grade zirconium sponge, alloy, materials, and tubing markets. Nuclear-grade zirconium alloys and products are used in the fabrication of fuel assemblies for the vast majority of current and future nuclear reactor designs around the world. Using proprietary demand modeling and other unique research results, we identify the latest major trends in this industry by analyzing the global and regional supply and demand balances for nuclear-grade zirconium sponge, alloy, and tubing as well as the supply and demand situation based on reactor fuel types.

Some of our upcoming 2017 reports include:

Uranium Production Cost Study (UPCS) – This fourth edition of the biennial report complements the Uranium Suppliers Annual and provides production cost curves for operational, planned, and potential uranium projects to identify those projects most likely to produce in the future, as well as expected cost curves for 2017, 2020, 2025, and 2030 production. Production cost curves for individual projects are also presented by geographic region and mining method. An extensive review of various factors impacting production costs is also detailed in the 2017 UPCS.

Global Nuclear Fuel Inventories – Following the successful first edition in 2015 of UxC's special report cataloguing and analyzing the global nuclear fuel inventory situation, UxC is now preparing to publish an updated report on this topic in 2017. Global inventories of natural and enriched uranium continue to rise in many parts of the world, and the influence of these inventories in shaping supply and demand balances in the nuclear fuel markets as well as price formation remains very strong. The 2017 inventory study will offer insights into the current status and potential future role that inventories will play in shaping the nuclear fuel markets.

These reports are meant to complement our existing Market Outlook reports by examining certain subjects in greater depth as well as other subjects that are not covered in our standard reports.

For more information on UxC activities and reports, please visit our website at www.uxc.com.