The Changing Geopolitics of the Nuclear Energy Market – China

The Epicenter of Nuclear Growth

China Reactor Forecast

UxC, LLC (UxC) has released a new report on China as part of its series on The Changing Geopolitics of the Nuclear Energy Market. At 150+ pages, this report provides a comprehensive overview of China’s current and prospective nuclear power program and industry, and the role of nuclear in China’s total energy supply.

No country in the world comes close to matching China’s plans for nuclear power expansion. China’s latest official target of reaching 5% of total electricity from nuclear plants by 2020 means that around 78 gigawatts-electric (GWe) of new nuclear capacity should be built over the coming decade. In fact, given current trends, China is on track to potentially becoming the world’s largest user of nuclear power by the year 2030. China’s tremendous new reactor numbers speak for themselves:

  • 11 reactors in operation (8,602 MWe)
  • 16 reactors under construction today for a total of 15 GWe in new capacity
  • 250+ planned new reactors
  • 70+ identified reactor sites
  • 5 main owner/operating companies and 32 secondary owners identified

Like others in our Geopolitical Series, this report aims to separate the hype from reality and get down to answering serious questions, including:

  • How much nuclear capacity and when will they build?
  • What technologies will they choose?
  • Which companies will be involved?
  • What are the factors helping and/or hindering in their development?
  • Where will they get the fuel to power their reactors?
  • What impact will their growth in nuclear power have on other countries in the region or the world?

Comprehensive Coverage

UxC has carefully sifted through all the available information on China’s nuclear power activities in order to produce the most fact-based, credible estimates for the country’s nuclear power expansion. We assess the economic and energy drivers pushing the nuclear program forward as well as the various challenges facing this accelerated program. In presenting China’s nuclear power prospects, the report examines all the nuclear plant projects, reactor designs, operating companies, suppliers, and investors involved as well as crucial international partnerships supporting the country’s long-term nuclear power objectives.

The report identifies all major details of China’s reactor program, including current reactors, those under construction, and plans for new units. UxC presents its proprietary forecasts for high, base, and low case nuclear power growth scenarios through 2030, examining the potential outcomes for China’s future. These scenarios are also used to present China’s likely requirements for uranium, conversion, enrichment, and fuel fabrication through 2030 as well as its reactor market size.

The report also looks at China’s nuclear fuel cycle program, including uranium production, conversion and enrichment plants all the way through the back end of the fuel cycle.

Regular Tracking and Updates

Additional Reports in Series:

UxC’s Geopolitical Series also includes in-depth reports on India and Russia, which are currently the world’s fastest growing nuclear power countries. Their impacts in terms of demand for nuclear fuel, reactors, and components will have long-lasting consequences on the global nuclear energy market. Discounted package pricing for multiple reports is available.

This report will also be supported by periodic updates for the rest of 2009 to keep clients abreast of further nuclear power developments in Russia. The price of this report is US$4,500.00, although discounts are available to existing UxC Policy Watch subscribers.

UxC’s Changing Geopolitics of the Nuclear Energy Market - China special report is available for immediate purchase. The standard price for this report is US$4,500.00 payable upon receipt of invoice by check, credit card, or wire transfer.

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