The Changing Geopolitics of the Nuclear Energy Market – Russia

A Global Nuclear Energy Player

Russia Key Facts & Figures:
  • 31 operating reactors
  • 9 reactors under construction
  • Increase from 22 GWe in 2009 to 33 GWe in 2020 & 43 GWe in 2030
  • $160 billion in new domestic reactor spending 2009-2030
  • 25 reactors exported to 9 countries around the world by 2025
  • Global nuclear fuel market shares:
    • 18% for uranium (U3O8)
    • 32% for conversion (UF6)
    • 37% for enrichment (SWU)
    • 17% for LWR fuel (UO2)

UxC is pleased to announce the release of its report on Russia as part of its series on The Changing Geopolitics of the Nuclear Energy Market. At 230+ pages, the report provides a comprehensive overview of Russia’s current and prospective nuclear power program and industry. The report examines the role of nuclear power in Russia’s overall energy supply as well as its importance as a source of revenue through exports of fuel, services, and technology.

Arguably one of the most multifaceted and complicated countries in the world, Russia remains a mystery to many. Like other reports in our Geopolitical Series, this study aims to separate the hype from reality and get down to answering serious questions.

Comprehensive Analysis

The report starts with a review of the overall Russian nuclear power program, including both national and international trends as well as efforts to revamp the program. It then focuses on the specific aspects of Russia’s nuclear power program in separate detailed sections. In addition to UxC’s latest forecasts for Russia’s nuclear power plant construction at home and abroad, this report highlights Russia’s largely unknown industrial complex that is dedicated to engineering, manufacturing, and construction of reactors.

The report also takes a detailed look at Russia’s nuclear fuel cycle program, beginning with uranium mining as well as complete analysis of the conversion, enrichment, and fuel fabrication industries. There is also a chapter on the back-end looking at Russia’s plans for long-term spent fuel management and reprocessing. Each part of the fuel cycle can be viewed as a stand-alone discussion, complete with proprietary UxC forecasts; however, it is important to realize the countless relations that each sector has with other parts of the industry. Thus, no part of this report can be truly detached from the rest.

Considering that Russia’s nuclear power program transcends its own borders, we devote an entire section of the report to Russia’s role in world nuclear fuel markets. The chapter examines Russia’s supply and demand balances in each fuel market and the impact these balances may have on future exports of nuclear materials. The broad impact of the Russian nuclear program continues to be explored in the international trade section, which highlights Russia’s relationship in the nuclear field with its major partners. The report also examines a number of nuclear nonproliferation issues that have a direct impact on the nuclear markets. This section takes a look at the crucial role that Russia’s nuclear weapons program and disarmament efforts have played in shaping the civilian nuclear sectors.

It concludes with strategic analysis of key drivers and hurdles for Russia’s nuclear program going forward. Depending on the interplay of these strengths and obstacles, we present three alternative futures we envision for the Russian nuclear sector: realistic, optimistic and pessimistic cases.

Regular Tracking and Updates

Additional Reports in Series:

UxC’s Geopolitical Series also includes in-depth reports on India and China, which are currently the world’s fastest growing nuclear power countries. Their impacts in terms of demand for nuclear fuel, reactors, and components will have long-lasting consequences on the global nuclear energy market. Discounted package pricing for multiple reports is available.

This report will also be supported by periodic updates for the rest of 2009 to keep clients abreast of further nuclear power developments in Russia. The price of this report is US$6,000.00, although discounts are available to existing UxC Policy Watch subscribers.

UxC’s Changing Geopolitics of the Nuclear Energy Market - Russia special report is available for immediate purchase. The standard price for this report is US$6,000.00 payable upon receipt of invoice by check, credit card, or wire transfer.

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