UxC Special Service: Japan Watch

The UxC Japan Watch service is available as a stand-alone subscription. UxC closely monitors and analyzes the Japan’s nuclear outlook since the Fukushima accident occurred in March 2011. As an initial effort, in June 2011, UxC published an in-depth study on Nuclear Power in the Post-Fukushima Era, which analyzed the technical aspects of the accident and the commercial implications for the global nuclear industry with much emphasis placed on Japan’s altered nuclear prospects. A comprehensive update to this study was also issued in September 2011. At that time, UxC noticed a clear need for further regular updating of the dynamic situation in Japan, whose nuclear program has been fundamentally changed since the accident.

In order to offer our clients constant tracking on the latest developments in Japan and the impact they have on both the nuclear fuel market and nuclear power industry, UxC created a new Japan Watch service offered exclusively to our Policy Watch subscribers. The first comprehensive update and analysis was issued in October 2011 under the mantle Japan’s Nuclear Energy Program after Fukushima, which has also been sold as a separate special report. Since then, updates have been issued through Japan Watch in February, March, and May 2012, with the most recent in-depth analysis published at the end of July 2012. Through the Japan Watch service, all our clients can now gain UxC’s unique research and insights into the Japanese nuclear policy and market situation and the ramifications these developments have on the global nuclear industry.

What Does Japan Watch Cover?

UxC’s Japan Watch service will keep you updated with the most significant developments concerning Japan’s nuclear program while providing you with in-depth analysis of the impact of these developments on the international nuclear reactor and fuel markets. Thus, this service addresses a wide range of relevant topics including but not limited to:

  • Status of Nuclear Power Plant Restarts and Stress Test Reviews
  • Japan’s New Energy Policy and Role of Nuclear in the Future Electricity Mix of the Country
  • Review and Reform of Japan’s Nuclear Regulatory Framework
  • Nuclear Fuel Cycle Industry Status in Japan
  • Utility Nuclear Fuel Inventories and Excess Fuel Supplies Analysis
  • Market Transactions Analysis and Nuclear Fuel Price Impacts Discussion
  • Political and Social Outlook

Why Subscribe to Japan Watch?

The Japan Watch service allows subscribers to follow the situation in Japan more closely and thereby understand the impact that recent developments have on the international nuclear fuel markets as well as the nuclear power program of the country today and in the future. Moreover, nuclear power programs of several countries around the world continue to be affected by the Fukushima accident and response measures ordered by the Japanese government. As the third largest user of nuclear power in the world prior to Fukushima, Japan has always been a critical country in determining the future course of global nuclear power and fuel markets. Now that the future of Japan’s nuclear program is in question, a clear comprehension of the outlook for nuclear power in Japan is critical for any company active in the global nuclear markets today.

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