Small Modular Reactor Market Outlook

SMR Market Analysis & Forecasts

UxC, LLC (UxC), a leader in global nuclear market analysis, is pleased to announce a new report on the SMR Market Outlook (SMO). This 450 page report provides comprehensive commercial and technical analysis of the overall SMR market and detailed reviews of the leading SMR designs in the world.

The SMO report is the latest result of UxC's continuing efforts to provide its global clients with insightful products and services in the SMR sector. Contents of the SMO include:

  • Detailed commercial and technical analyses with "Pros vs. Cons" assessments of the world's top ten leading SMRs
  • Analysis of the key challenges for SMR deployment
  • Review of the SMR business case: economics and potential business models for deployment
  • Competitive analysis of SMR market: U.S. vs. international vendors
  • Profiles of SMR industries in major countries
  • Global outlook for SMR deployment: potential clients and their rationales
  • SMR deployment forecasts to 2040

Unrivaled SMR Credentials

UxC has been actively tracking the SMR sector for many years. Along the way, UxC's team of reactor market analysts has been collaborating with international consultants from industry and academia, who are authorities in reactor technology and design.

Our first achievement in SMR analysis was the publication in 2010 of UxC's Small Modular Reactor Assessments (SMRA) report. This groundbreaking, in-depth assessment of SMR technologies and the broader market was praised throughout the industry as a thoughtful, independent, and exhaustive study of the SMR landscape.

Moreover, UxC's experts have participated in the most important conferences, events, and initiatives related to SMRs over the years, including numerous invitations to deliver presentations on various topics of interest.

Who Should Buy This Report?

The SMO is the only publicly available study that includes independent comparative analyses of the competing SMR designs. Additionally, this report presents the first SMR deployment forecast through 2040 for this new reactor sector. There are many uses for this study:

  • SMR vendors can compare their strengths and weaknesses with those of direct competitors.
  • Utilities and other potential customers will be able to evaluate whether any of these SMR designs fit their needs.
  • Government agencies, regulatory bodies, international institutions, and research organizations will become more educated on SMRs.
  • Investors will gain unique insights of this emerging energy market.
  • Supply chain companies and fuel suppliers can evaluate the potential access to a new customer base.

Purchasing Information:

UxC's 2013 SMR Market Outlook (SMO) special report is available for immediate purchase. The standard price is US$5,000.00 payable upon receipt of invoice by check, credit card, or wire transfer. The report is issued in hard copy and PDF.

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