Small Modular Reactor Assessments

Full-Scope Technical and Commercial SMR Analyses

UxC, LLC (UxC) has released a 500-page special report on Small Modular Reactor Assessments (SMRA). UxC’s team of reactor market analysts has worked with our international consultants from industry and academia, who are authorities in reactor technology and design, on this comprehensive study on SMRs. Although few actual projects for SMR deployment exist today, many designs are being proposed by both established and start-up nuclear power companies. There are many reasons for the recent explosion of global attention on SMRs, and this new UxC special report provides an all-inclusive SMR guide for any interested party.

This special report’s objective is to provide technical, economic, and other commercial assessments of each of the SMR designs being developed in the world today. In addition, the report provides an in-depth discussion of the broader issues impacting SMRs, such as the keys to successful deployment for SMRs, comparisons with larger reactor technologies, specific applications for SMRs, and the broader issues facing potential customers for SMRs.

Based on our extensive research, UxC’s report is meant as an independent, unbiased assessment of all the likely SMR technologies as well as to provide unique perspectives on the overall small reactor sector. As such, the report does not choose “winners & losers” and leaves it to the reader to make conclusions from our analysis.

Who Should Buy This Report?

The SMR market is still evolving. No independent comparative analyses of the competing designs exist, but this report aims to fill the information gap. Potential uses for this study include:

  • Nations considering a small reactor-based nuclear power program can use this report to evaluate the global offering of SMRs and to better understand the unique issues presented by SMR development.
  • Electric power utilities looking to build or expand nuclear capacity may use this report when considering whether the option to go with an SMR is the better fit.
  • For those in the financial community considering investing in nuclear power, this report presents crucial perspectives on the overall prospects for SMRs as well as insights on which companies may fare better in the SMR race.
  • Manufacturing and supply chain companies interested in expanding their customer base through SMR projects can gain new insights.
  • Nuclear fuel suppliers eager for a new customer base from SMRs will be better informed.
  • Government agencies, regulatory bodies, trade associations, and research organizations can become more educated on SMRs.

Pricing Information

UxC’s 2010 Small Modular Reactor Assessments (SMRA) special report is available for immediate purchase. The full price for this highly technical and detailed reactor technology assessment report is US$10,000.00. Discounts for valued existing UxC Market Outlook report customers may be available.

Please see our product flier and the table of contents in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

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