Small, Advanced, and Micro Reactor Assessments (SAMRA)

Commercial & Technical Analysis

What will the future reactor look like?

UxC, the industry leader in global nuclear market analysis, is pleased to announce a new special report titled Small, Advanced, and Micro Reactor Assessments (SAMRA). This new report, published in October 2023, provides comprehensive profiles of the world's most promising new and advanced reactor designs along with cutting edge market analysis of the viability of these technologies in the future energy marketplace.

The global energy markets are in an unprecedented state of flux, as technological, economic, environmental, and political factors are all pushing and pulling in different directions. Concurrently, the nuclear power industry is undergoing a fundamental rethink about the best way to deploy new reactor technologies to lead the energy transition. One answer to the world's future clean energy needs comes from the evolving market for small, advanced, and micro reactors (SAMRs). Now is the time to evaluate these groundbreaking technologies and assess their future from every angle. Thus, UxC has prepared its new SAMRA report to determine which next-generation nuclear technologies will lead the way.

UxC's SAMRA report aims to find answers to the following key questions:

  • What are all the potential market opportunities for advanced nuclear power in today's and tomorrow's energy markets?
  • What are the challenges to future expansion of SAMR-based nuclear power?
  • How do the currently proposed SAMR designs stack up against each other?
  • What factors will lead to different SAMRs being deployed in markets around the world?
  • What does the forecast range look like for SAMR designs through 2050 and what kind of market size does this equate to?

Unrivaled Market Credentials

Detailed Technology Reviews UxC has been actively tracking the commercial reactor market for many years. Along the way, our team of analysts have been collaborating with international technical experts from industry and academia, who are authorities in reactor technology and design.

This collaboration has led to several groundbreaking and other in-depth studies, including our 2008 Nuclear Reactor Technology Assessments, 2010 Small Modular Reactor Assessments, 2011 Post-Fukushima Report, and 2013 SMR Market Outlook, 2018 Nuclear Industry Value Chain report, and our quarterly Nuclear Power Outlook (NPO) reports. UxC's new SAMRA report builds on these numerous nuclear market analysis projects.

Who Should Buy This Report?

UxC's new SAMRA report is the only publicly available study that includes independent comparative analyses of the world's small, advanced, and micro reactor designs. Additionally, this report presents constructive analyses and ideas for the future of this evolving and exciting new reactor sector. There are many uses for this study, including:

  • SAMR vendors can compare their strengths and weaknesses with those of direct competitors.
  • Utilities and other potential customers can evaluate how various SAMR designs fit their needs.
  • Government agencies, regulatory bodies, international institutions, and research organizations will become more educated on the evolving SAMR market.
  • Investors will gain unique insights into the SAMR nuclear energy market sector and the prospects for individual reactor suppliers.
  • Nuclear supply chain companies and fuel cycle suppliers can evaluate the potential opportunities to participate in future SAMR projects.

Pricing Information

UxC's 2023 Small, Advanced, and Micro Reactor Assessments special report is now available for immediate purchase. The standard price for the electronic copy (PDF) of the SAMRA report is US$6,500.00 payable upon receipt of invoice by check, credit card, or wire transfer. A discounted price of US$6,000.00 is available only to current UxC Nuclear Power Outlook (NPO) report subscribers.

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