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UxC Broker Average Price (BAP)
Daily Uranium Prices

UxC Broker Averager Price (BAP)

Participants both inside and outside of the nuclear fuel industry have continued to seek more frequent and reliable nuclear fuel price indicators. Historically, the industry operated with spot U3O8 prices that were published once a month. In 1987, Ux introduced the weekly Ux U3O8 Price®, the first, and only, weekly price for almost 10 years.

In September 2009, UxC launched its daily UxC Broker Average Price (BAP) reporting as part of it services to subscribers. Additional details of this price launch was provided in the cover story of the September 7, 2009 issue of the Ux Weekly. The UxC BAP is made available to subscribers through an automated email service and as part of the Subscriber Services website.

The UxC BAP is based on the daily bids and offers as posted by the following brokers participating in the nuclear fuel market: Evolution Markets and Numerco Limited. This price indicator is published on a daily basis, and is made available only to UxC subscribers through several delivery formats including daily email delivery, UxC's Subscriber Services website, and/or direct data feeds.

Participating Brokers

Evolution Markets

Evolution Markets - Nuclear Fuel Markets

Numerco Limited

Numerco Limited