Apr 24, 2014
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The Lighter Side of UxC

Since the first Ux Weekly editions back in 1987, Ux started the tradition of remembering the lighter side of life. The fun side of Ux was exemplified by the addition of jokes on each week's Market Page. UxC has continued that tradition in its weekly publications, and below is a sampling of some of the jokes and sayings that have appeared in these pages over the years, along with which issue they appeared. Contributions to each week's joke section have come from around the world, and we would like to thanks those that have contributed over the years. Please enjoy.

Today's Lighter Side

Bare Thoughts

A girl walks in to a pet shop and says “do you sell large white bears?”

Before the shopkeeper can answer a man rushes in and says “Don’t serve her, she’s escaped from the local asylum.”

“What’s wrong?” says the pet shop owner.

“She has ‘buy polar’ disorder.”

UxW22-35 Sep 1, 2008

Nuclear Power Outlook

Platts Small Modular Reactors
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