Apr 23, 2014
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www.uxc.com A Nuclear Fuel Issues Briefing Service 
The Nuclear Fuel Policy Source

International Nuclear Fuel Policy Briefings

From the early days of the nuclear fuel industry to today, government policy decisions have shaped the way we do business. The governmental and public policy role in the industry remains an important factor in all components of the nuclear fuel market.

Decisions made today in such key areas as economic and trade policy, nonproliferation, national security, and regulatory policy will shape the market for decades to come. And national and multinational concerns regarding energy security and security of supply will support infrastructure development and influence nuclear material flows and utilization for today and the future.

Issues Include: (but not limited to)
• Government Stockpiles
• Enrichment Trade Cases
• US-Russian Nuclear Trade
• Multilateral Fuel Supply Assurances
• Peaceful Nuclear Cooperation
• International and Nonproliferation Policy
• General Energy Policy, including energy legislation

UxC’s Policy Watch, an enhancement of our very successful Washington Watch briefing service, will serve as a detailed, accurate and timely source of information on key policy issues that affect the global nuclear fuel market. This on-line information source puts detailed information and analysis into accessible information and consulting package that is right at your fingertips.

The UxC Policy Watch briefing service is one of the new services being developed by The Ux Consulting Company (UxC). UxC has already established itself as the industry’s leading source of consulting and information services in the nuclear fuel cycle.

Detailed Coverage, Easily Accessible

UxC’s Policy Watch includes on-line access to background information and timely, accurate updates related to key policy issues that affect the nuclear fuel industry. As issues evolve, subscribers will receive short, timely and accurate e-mail updates that contain the latest news and analysis. These e-mail updates will also be retained in our on-line service for future reference.

UxC’s Policy Watch also includes:

  • A “table of contents” style listing for one-click access to e-mail updates.
  • Access to a comprehensive list of key documents (including some that are not available on the web) as well as web links for each topic. Key document links are added on a regular basis.

As a new, additional value to subscribers, UxC will provide by e-mail periodic updates and summaries of key government and policy-related meetings and hearings. We will also include summaries of policy-related discussions at non-governmental organizations, such as think tanks, as available.

Seminar and Consultations

Policy Watch also includes access to all of UxC’s policy experts who can help guide you through the maze of information. Discussions can provide an excellent opportunity to discuss key policy issues and their implications in-depth. Customer-specific projects can also be arranged under mutually-agreed upon terms. Recent UxC Policy Watch updates have included:

  • DOE Uranium Inventory Disposition Plans Shifted with July Barter Announcements: Impact on Nuclear Industry Not Clear (Also available as a standalone report.)
  • Kazakhstan’s New Old Strategy
  • Nuclear Trade in the Russia-EU Energy Dialogue
  • Russia-Japan Nuclear Energy Cooperation
  • Russian Suspension Agreement and Domenici Legislation Limitations
  • DOE Loan Guarantee Program Status Updates

For more detailed information and pricing on UxC’s Policy Watch, please contact Anna Bryndza at +1 (512) 358-6229 or .

Please see our product flier in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

For additional information please contact Eric Webb at:
Phone: +1 (770) 642-7745 Fax: +1 (770) 643-2954 Internet:
UxC's Policy Watch

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