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Anna Bryndza
Executive Vice President, International

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Anna (Anya) Bryndza joined UxC, LLC (UxC) in 2008 and currently holds the position of Executive Vice President, International. In this capacity, she is responsible for analyzing government policies as they relate to the nuclear fuel markets worldwide. Ms. Bryndza is the manager of UxC's Policy Watch service, which provides clients with a comprehensive, timely analysis of all relevant policy, regulatory, and trade issues affecting the global nuclear markets. Ms. Bryndza's expertise includes an in-depth understanding of the critical role played by secondary supplies in the nuclear fuel markets, including the government inventory management, enricher uranium supplies, and global commercial inventories.

Ms. Bryndza is recognized as the industry's leading expert on nuclear power and fuel developments in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, with a comprehensive understanding of the current state, ongoing trends, and prospects for Russia's vast nuclear power complex. Ms. Bryndza also possesses a thorough knowledge of uranium production developments in Kazakhstan and throughout Central Asia. She manages UxC's customer relations in the region and has contributed to the company's increased presence in Eurasia, including the establishment of a Russian language nuclear fuel publication, UxNuclear Weekly.

Ms. Bryndza is also a member of UxC's price reporting team, responsible for tracking market price information and transaction data from buyers and sellers across the front-end of the nuclear fuel cycle. She has presented at the nuclear industry's key international forums, including the World Nuclear Association's Symposium (London), ATOMEXPO (Moscow), and NEI's Nuclear Fuel Supply Forum (Washington), among others. Ms. Bryndza has been interviewed by worldwide press publications, including a number of Eurasian media outlets.

Prior to her tenure with UxC, Ms. Bryndza's worked at several Washington, D.C. think tanks, with a specific focus on geopolitics, the global political economy, and energy issues in the Eurasia region. She is trilingual (English, Russian, and Ukrainian) and holds a dual degree of Bachelor of Science and Arts in Economics and Political Science from the College of Charleston and a Master of Arts in International Trade and Investment Policy from the George Washington University.

Updated: 1/4/21