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Holos Generators

Jonathan Hinze
Executive Vice President, International

Jonathan Hinze is Executive Vice President, International at The Ux Consulting Company, LLC (UxC), having joined UxC in 2006 with over five years of prior experience in the nuclear industry. At UxC, he is responsible for a variety of consulting products primarily related to the nuclear fuel cycle and reactor markets. One of his main areas of focus is nuclear reactor developments and global nuclear power forecasting as well as analyzing the impacts of international reactor growth on nuclear fuel demand and the reactor supply chain. His areas of expertise include an in-depth knowledge of the international nuclear marketplace, nuclear technologies, government policies, nonproliferation, and the strong interplay between all of these forces on a domestic and international level.

Before coming to UxC, he worked as Manager, Energy Projects for the International Access Corporation (IAC), a research, consulting and marketing firm with offices in Washington and Tokyo. At IAC, he was responsible for research projects covering a range of nuclear engineering, policy, regulatory and related issues, and he also shared his time as an external management consultant to a group of U.S. experts working with Japanese nuclear utilities. During this time, Jonathan also spent time as an adviser to Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) on a major safety culture improvement project, which included a several month engagement at the company’s nuclear power plant sites in Japan.

Prior to IAC, Mr. Hinze worked nearly four years directly within the Japanese electric power industry, where he gained an excellent background in the international nuclear industry. As Research Analyst in the Washington office of the Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan (FEPC), he handled research on U.S. nuclear policies and industry developments as well as helped to coordinate numerous liaising activities between the Japanese and U.S. nuclear government and industry organizations.

In addition to the above, Mr. Hinze has prior experience in positions in government, industry and education. He is trilingual (fluent in English, German, and Japanese), and has lived, studied, as well as worked in various countries, including the U.S., Germany, and Japan. Mr. Hinze received a Bachelor of Arts in East Asian Studies from Haverford College and a Master of Arts in International Trade and Investment Policy from the George Washington University.

Updated: 8/5/15