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The Changing Geopolitics of the Nuclear Energy Market – India

Entering a New Era in the Market

UxC is pleased to announce the release of its report on India as part of its series on the Changing Geopolitics of the Nuclear Energy Market. At 120+ pages, the report provides a comprehensive overview of India’s current and prospective nuclear power program and industry, and its place in India’s overall energy picture.

In presenting India’s nuclear power program, the report examines both India’s indigenous reactor program and its plan to import reactors. The role of advanced fuel cycles in India, including planned use of thorium, is detailed. In addition, UxC presents its proprietary forecasts for high, mid, and low case nuclear power growth scenarios, examining the potential outcomes for India’s nuclear expansion plans.

The report identifies and discusses the major and emerging players in India’s nuclear power industry, including a breakdown of relevant government agencies and private Indian firms. It also details India’s reactor program, including current reactors, those under construction, and plans for new reactors.

The report also looks at India’s nuclear fuel cycle program, including current and prospective uranium production centers, all the way through the back end and India’s plans for long-term spent fuel management and reprocessing. UxC forecasts are provided under different scenarios for India’s uranium, enrichment, and conversion requirements through 2030.

As nonproliferation considerations have played and continue to play an important role in India’s nuclear power development, the report devotes a chapter to the history and the current status of India’s nonproliferation issues and details its international nuclear cooperation agreements, both existing and pending.

Regular Tracking and Updates

Additional Reports in Series:

UxC’s Geopolitical Series also includes in-depth reports on Russia and China, which are currently the world’s fastest growing nuclear power countries. Their impacts in terms of demand for nuclear fuel, reactors, and components will have long-lasting consequences on the global nuclear energy market. Discounted package pricing for multiple reports is available.

To provide a complete picture of the Indian situation, the report includes a chapter on India’s international relations, economy, and government structure. It also contains an appendix on India’s history, religions, and culture. There is also an appendix that provides a detailed timeline of India’s nuclear program as well as one that lists websites for Indian organizations to assist in further research.

This report will also be supported by periodic updates for the remainder of 2009 to keep clients abreast of further nuclear power developments in India.

UxC’s Changing Geopolitics of the Nuclear Energy Market - India special report is available for immediate purchase. The standard price for this report is US$4,500.00, although discounts are available to existing UxC Policy Watch subscribers.

Please see our product flier and the table of contents in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

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