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Nuclear Industry Value Chain

New Enhanced Edition for 2018!

Identifying Major Market Trends

UxC, LLC is pleased to announce the publication of its seventh edition of a comprehensive report analyzing the entire global Nuclear Industry Value Chain (NIVC). This unique report includes detailed data and analysis of every aspect of the global nuclear markets with balanced perspectives on commercial and technical issues affecting all parts of the value chain.

Although the nuclear industry continues to be impacted by the fallout from the Fukushima accident in March 2011, as well as other shifts in the broader energy markets, such as the shale gas boom in the U.S. and a transition to renewables in Europe, there are still many reasons for a continued expansion of global nuclear power, especially in countries like China and India. The key arguments for nuclear expansion include rapid electricity demand growth, increased concerns over greenhouse gas emissions, and a desire by nations to diversify their energy portfolios in the name of energy security. Now is the time to assess the prospects and future course of each of the market sectors in this evolving, worldwide industry. Each market sector has its own unique characteristics, and the NIVC report provides the reader with all the necessary tools to understand the opportunities and potential pitfalls within each sector.

Enhancements For This New 2018 Edition

  • Updated forecasts for global nuclear power now extended through 2035
  • Improvements to price and market size forecast modeling
  • Analysis of how recent events are impacting the front-end fuel markets (e.g., reduced demand after Fukushima, increased enricher underfeeding, mergers and acquisitions among suppliers, closures of mines and plants, high inventory levels, shifting contracting approaches by utilities, etc.)
  • Competitive analysis of each NSSS vendor and their prospects for securing new reactor project contracts
  • Discussion of the potential implications of extending reactor lifetimes beyond 60 years (i.e., "Life After 60") and the future capital spending profile for the existing reactor fleet
  • Brand new chapter focused entirely on the rapidly developing Advanced and Small Modular Reactor (SMR) marketplace
  • Analysis of the how the decommissioning market has dramatically increased by numerous reactor closures in the post-Fukushima era

What is Included in this Report?

UxC's 2018 Nuclear Industry Value Chain report includes updated research and analysis of all sectors in the nuclear industry, including the front-end fuel markets, the broader reactor sector, as well as the back-end of the fuel cycle.

There is no publicly distributed report currently available that provides such comprehensive coverage of the growing global nuclear marketplace. Separate chapters in the NIVC report include:

  • Uranium
  • Conversion
  • Enrichment
  • Fuel fabrication
  • New reactor construction
  • Reactor operations & services
  • Reactor capital upgrades
  • Advanced and Small Modular Reactors (SMRs)
  • Used fuel treatment, storage & disposal
  • Radioactive waste management & disposal
  • Decontamination & decommissioning

Each sector is analyzed individually with separate discussions on:

  • Market overview
  • Latest developments
  • Key players
  • Market shares
  • Alliances & partnerships
  • Supply & demand
  • Pricing & profit margins
  • Total market size
  • Future market trends
  • Forecasts through 2035

Why Purchase this Report?

Combining UxC's decades of experience and knowledge of the nuclear industry, the NIVC provides detailed data and information along with practical analysis for anyone considering entry or expansion in this dynamic nuclear marketplace.

The goal of the NIVC report is to examine the current status and future prospects (through 2035) for each sector comprising the entire "nuclear industry value chain," to support future decisions by investors, potential new entrants, and current participants in the global nuclear markets.

Whatever your position in the market, it is in your interest to seriously explore the future of the nuclear industry, and the broader trends that will impact it going forward. Each market sector has its own unique characteristics, and the NIVC gives you all the tools to start the process of understanding the opportunities and potential pitfalls within each area of the global nuclear marketplace.

Ordering Information

UxC's 2018 Nuclear Industry Value Chain special report is available for immediate purchase. The standard price is US$5,000.00 payable upon receipt of invoice by check, credit card, or wire transfer. Discounts are available for existing customers of UxC's Market Outlook report products as well as customers of previous NIVC reports. Please see our product flier and the table of contents for the full report in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

An online order form is now available.

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