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Nuclear Power Outlook & UxC Requirements Model (URM)
Tracking Reactor Developments

Keeping abreast of the global nuclear power industry can seem quite difficult, especially with the impacts of the Fukushima accident in Japan, the shale gas revolution, and a rapid shift to renewables all still yet to be fully understood. UxC, LLC (UxC) continuously tracks nuclear power developments all over the world and with its Nuclear Power Outlook (NPO) gives you a single source to access the nuclear power industry's most pertinent information. This multifaceted, up-to-date, and analytical product condenses the entire nuclear power industry into one manageable information and forecasting package. The other unique feature to the NPO is the continuity with which the information will be provided to you: daily news headlines and complete and concise quarterly reports with updated quarterly reactor forecasts out to 2040. Finally, if you cannot find what you're looking for in any of the aforementioned places, our nuclear power experts stand ready to support your special market research and analysis requests.

UxC is an established leading source of market research, analysis, and information services in the global nuclear markets. Since 2007, the NPO has provided enhanced coverage of the overall nuclear power industry, with an emphasis on forecasting reactors around the world. With the NPO, you will be given first-hand access and analysis of every major development in the nuclear power industry in an easy to use package.

Offering Comprehensive Coverage

NPO reports are updated and issued every quarter. Each NPO report provides three highly useful items: 1) an in-depth nuclear power market trends analysis including our "Who's Up, Who's Down" review of countries, utilities, and suppliers in the past quarter; 2) a summary of all the latest developments in nuclear power by region and country; and 3) updates to our highly versatile data tables and statistical analyses with forecasts for all nuclear reactors (current, under construction, and planned) around the world through 2040. The NPO forecasts include three reactor cases: Base, High, and Low to provide for better comparisons of the potential nuclear power future.

Finally, if you do not already subscribe to our Ux Weekly newsletter, the NPO package also gives you access to our Daily News Headlines, which deliver the day's nuclear-related news directly to your email inbox every weekday including article descriptions and links. Access to the NPO website and archives is also part of the subscription.

What's Included in the NPO?

The quarterly NPO product includes:

  • Profiles on each nuclear power country as well as analysis of the nuclear power plans in roughly 30 potential newcomer countries
  • Concise summaries and accurate analysis of the latest reactor developments by country and region
  • Spotlight analysis sections on key nuclear market issues, such as Japan reactor restarts, SMRs, post-Fukushima safety upgrades, nuclear power economics, etc.
  • Focused nuclear market trends analysis, such as who is up or down among utilities and suppliers in terms of recent reactor operations and contracts
  • In-depth analysis of our three forecast scenarios through 2040, including country-level data on current and future reactor units, installed nuclear capacity (MWe), and nuclear generation (GWhr)
  • Detailed statistical review with accompanying MS Excel data spreadsheets

In addition to our comprehensive reports, subscribers receive UxC's Headline News service, which delivers daily summaries of key nuclear news to your email inbox. Access is also provided to the NPO subscriber website as well as support from our nuclear experts.

UxC Requirements Model (URM)

Using the NPO reactor forecast assumptions, UxC has also developed a sophisticated global nuclear fuel cycle requirements model (UxC Requirements Model or URM). The URM provides annual forecasts for requirements of uranium (U3O8), conversion (UF6), enrichment (SWU), and fuel fabrication (MTU) for each country in the world based on the three NPO reactor forecast cases. The URM is a compendium product to the NPO and includes a quarterly report as well as accompanying MS Excel spreadsheets. Since all the assumptions in the URM requirements forecasts are detailed in the NPO, the URM Report can only be purchased together with the NPO.

Purchasing Information

There are multiple purchasing options for these high-value NPO products:

  • NPO Annual Subscription: US$4,500.00
  • NPO Single Edition: US$2,500.00
  • NPO + URM Annual Package: US$5,500.00
  • NPO + URM Single Edition: US$3,000.00

A convenient online order form is available. Note that existing Market Outlook (UMO/CMO/EMO/FMO) subscribers may be eligible for a discount.

Please see our product flier and table of contents from the NPO Overview and Quarterly Report in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

For additional information, please contact:
Jonathan Hinze  +1 (770) 642-7745