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Asia Pacific Nuclear Energy (APNE 24)

Reactor Technology Outlook
Commercial & Technical Analysis

UxC, LLC (UxC), a leader in global nuclear market analysis, is pleased to announce the upcoming publication of a new report titled Reactor Technology Outlook (RTO). This new report aims to provide a comprehensive commercial and technical analysis of the overall global reactor marketplace including reviews of all viable reactor designs worldwide.

Detailed Technology Reviews
  • Large Scale Reactors: AP1000, APR-1400, EPR, ESBWR, VVER-1200, EC6, etc.
  • LWR-type SMRs: mPower, NuScale, SMART, W-SMR, SMR-160, CAREM, etc.
  • Advanced Designs: HTR-PM, SVBR-100, EM2, 4S, HPM, PRISM, BREST-300, etc.

The global energy markets are in great flux with the clear winners over the past five years being natural gas, renewables, and even coal (in certain regions like China and India). Nuclear power is far from dead, but the market conditions continue to be very difficult for new reactor construction. As such, all vendors are looking for the “sweet spot” for reactor designs to fit the available market demand. In some cases, developers of both large designs and small modular reactors (SMRs) are trying to create new market demand for their products. At the same time, many recent projects have been challenged due to high costs and excessive complexities. What is needed for both SMRs and large LWRs may be a fundamental rethink for nuclear power and reactor technology. UxC’s RTO report attempts to find answers to the following key questions

  • First, what are all the potential market opportunities for nuclear power when compared to other electric power-producing technologies?
  • Second, which of the currently mature reactor designs satisfy these market conditions?
  • Third, are the currently commercially-pursued reactor design offerings capable of responding to these market conditions?
  • Fourth, are there new kinds of reactor technology paradigms that could help to fill the gaps?

Unrivaled Market Credentials

UxC has been actively tracking the reactor sector for many years. Along the way, UxC’s team of market analysts has been collaborating with international technical experts from industry and academia, who are authorities in reactor technology and design.

This collaboration has led to several groundbreaking studies in the past, including our 2008 Nuclear Reactor Technology Assessments, 2010 Small Modular Reactor Assessments, 2011 Post-Fukushima Report, and 2013 SMR Market Outlook. UxC’s new RTO report builds on these past successes.

Why Buy This Report?

The Reactor Technology Outlook will be the only publicly available study that includes independent comparative analyses of the world’s reactor designs. Additionally, this report presents constructive analysis and ideas for the future of the reactor sector. There are many uses for this study, including:

  • Reactor vendors can compare their strengths and weaknesses with those of direct competitors.
  • Utilities and other potential customers will be able to evaluate how various reactor designs fit their needs.
  • Government agencies, regulatory bodies, international institutions, and research organizations will become more educated on reactors.
  • Investors will gain unique insights into the nuclear energy market sector and the prospects for individual reactor suppliers.
  • Supply chain companies and fuel suppliers can evaluate the potential access to future projects.

Purchasing Information

UxC’s Reactor Technology Outlook report will be issued in mid-2016.