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USEC Watch
A Special UxC Briefing Service

The USEC Watch special briefing service was discontinued as of December 31, 2014.

USEC recently declared its intention to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and re-emerge as a leaner, new enrichment company. What will happen to the American Centrifuge Project (ACP)? Where will USEC find the funding for the ACP? How will the new USEC survive until an ACP plant can be built? These are just a few of the multitude of questions raised by the USEC bankruptcy announcement. UxC’s USEC Watch subscriber service follows all of USEC’s activities in depth and analyzes their consequences for the company and also for their impact on the enrichment market as a whole. Clients who are interested in following USEC and its future viability would benefit from purchasing a subscription to USEC Watch.

USEC Watch has been a standard UxC product since 2010 and builds on decades of experience and past reports covering issues related to USEC and the enrichment markets. The service consists of four quarterly reports that follow USEC’s quarterly financial performance results and investor calls. It also consists of many interim reports on specific events. The reports analyze and comment on USEC’s financial performance and all of the events surrounding the ACP and USEC’s commercial contract for SWU with TENEX, among other key events.

For example, a comprehensive USEC Watch report was just issued on January 3 on the proposed USEC Chapter 11 bankruptcy. We have provided Table of Contents for this latest USEC Watch report online. New subscribers to USEC Watch can obtain a copy of this wide-ranging report on USEC’s proposed bankruptcy, and, additionally, will have access to the entire library of prior USEC Watch publications.

For additional information, please contact:
Jonathan Hinze  +1 (770) 642-7745