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Ux Weekly
Subscriber Usage Agreement

Subscriber's Use

As a Ux Weekly subscriber, you have the right to receive an electronic copy (via email) of the Ux Weekly publication each and every time it is published and to have access to the Ux Weekly, including back issues, via the UxC Subscriber's Service website. You may use your copy of the Ux Weekly for your own internal business purposes, i.e. as a source of nuclear fuel market and pricing information.

Usage Agreement

By opening the electronic version of the Ux Weekly, or accessing UxC's Subscriber Services website, you agree to the following usage limitations. Failure to comply with any of the following conditions will result in immediate removal from electronic distribution, possible subscription termination, and/or legal action.

Copyright Notice

UxC, LLC ("UxC") shall have title to, ownership of, and all proprietary rights in the Ux Weekly. Under United States federal copyright law (17 USC 101 et seq.) it is illegal to reproduce the Ux Weekly or related services by any means for any purpose other than that designated above without written permission from UxC. This includes, but is not limited to, the rules forbidding photocopying, faxing and electronic redistribution. Individual content such as commentary, news stories, charts, and tables are also covered and may not be used for other purposes without permission.

Distribution Notice

The redistribution of the electronic edition of the Ux Weekly is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, forwarding to others using internal or external email systems, Internet distribution or inter-office electronic exchanges. All electronic copies must be distributed directly by UxC. To have additional individuals at your company added to the distribution list please use the contact information listed below.

Electronic Storage

Without a specific site license, the electronic version of the Ux Weekly cannot be stored in a system that allows, but is not limited to, general public access or the ability to redistribute the individual issues.


The information contained in the Ux Weekly is obtained from sources that UxC believes to be reliable. UxC makes no warranty or representation, express or implied, with respect to the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the information contained in the Ux Weekly and UxC assumes no liability for the use or effects of any of the information or data contained in the Ux Weekly.

It is UxC's strict policy not to endorse, promote, or recommend any particular securities, currencies, or other financial products or instruments. Nothing contained in the Ux Weekly is intended to constitute investment, legal, tax, accounting or other professional advice and the reader should not rely on the information provided in the Ux Weekly for making financial decisions.

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