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UxC Subscriber Services

In 1998, UxC released its initial Subscriber Services web site. This site is currently provided as part of the services to subscribers of the Ux Weekly and other UxC products or services.

Subscriber Services sample page

A number of Internet services are provided to subscribers of UxC products and services. Except for the access request form, all pages are password protected. In order to access these services, each paid subscriber can request a user ID and password. Please contact Eric Webb for details.

UxC reserves the right to deny or terminate access to its Subscriber Services website based on its own internal policies.

A form has been provided to allow current paid UxC subscribers to request a User ID and Password to access the Subscribers Services site. If you already have your User ID and Password, you can log on now!

Ux Price Indicators*

UxC's Price Indicator Reporting is provided as a subscription service to its clients. Any information provided on this website is done so as a convenience to the public.

*Please note that Ux Prices and Headline News are updated on this public site weekly up to 72 hours delayed. Price updates are provided to Ux Weekly subscribers on Monday evenings, to UxC Account users after a 24-hour delay (Delayed-24), and to all other users after a 72-hour delay (Delayed-72). An extensive version of Headline News is updated daily.

Please note that UxC also publishes month-end long-term prices for uranium, conversion, and enrichment. These prices are available on UxC's Subscriber Services website.

UxC reserves the right to change this policy without notification.

For additional information, please contact:
Eric Webb  +1 (770) 642-7745