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International High Level Radioactive Waste Management 2019

SMR Design Profile
Aug 14, 2012

Full Name
Atomny Blochny Vodyanoy - Nuclear Modular Water
OKBM Afrikantov
MWe (net)
Under Development

Design Profile Description

Design Image
Source: OKBM Afrikantov

In addition to a KLT-40 reactor, Russia’s OKBM Afrikantov has also been developing a smaller unit, ABV. There are three versions of this design that have been developed, ABV-3, ABV-6, and ABV-6M. These versions differ in terms of power generation capacity, core life, number of assemblies, and level of enrichment, among other dimensions. It is the latest ABV-6M design, however, that is considered the base model.

The ABV-6M was designed to be deployed on floating nuclear power stations and be barge-mounted; however, the OKBM Afrikantov has also designed a land-based version of the plant. The key characteristic that sets the ABV reactor apart from its competitor, KLT-40S, is the fact that it can be moved through the estuary of a river far inside the continent, moving it closer to consumers. In fact, to move the plant, the channel needs to be only 2.5 m to 5 m deep. The ABV-6M has a core life of 10 years and a design of the plant of 50 years.

The ABV-6M is at an advanced stage of development and although there is no definitive decision regarding construction, the option of building a floating nuclear power plant with AVB-6 reactors is under consideration.

Main Companies Involved

Afrikantov OKBM: