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International High Level Radioactive Waste Management 2019

SMR Design Profile
Aug 14, 2012

Full Name
Energy Heterogeneous Direct Currant Reactor with 6 Loops of Circulation of the Coolant
MWe (net)

Design Profile Description

Design Image
Source: Rosenergoatom

The EGP-6 design utilizes graphite-moderated boiling water technology also known as light water cooled, graphite moderated reactors (LGR). There are four EGP-6 units in operation in Russia, all located at the Bilibino nuclear power plant in Chukotka Autonomous District. The plant is in a remote, severe climate characterized by permafrost conditions. The units were built to meet the demands of gold mining in the area and to operate in an autonomous energy region (e.g. without external electricity grid).

Construction of the Bilibino nuclear power plant was started in 1966 and the first EGP-6 unit began commercial operation in 1974. The last of the four units came online in 1976. The plant design was developed by the Ural Division of Teploelektroproekt together with SKB Izhora Plant and FEI in Obninsk. The reactor design is an improved version of the EGP design used in the Soviet Union’s first nuclear power plant at Beloyarsk.

The four EGP-6 units at Bilibino were among the first generation of Russian reactors and have undergone continuous improvements in safety, including work to make them more stable to seismic shocks. Given the age of the design, there are no plans to produce any EGP-type reactors in Russia in the future.