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VI. International Power Plants Summit

UxC: Company Background

The Ux Consulting Company, LLC (UxC) is one of the nuclear industry's leading consulting companies. We offer a wide range of services spanning the full fuel cycle with special focus on market-related issues. UxC was founded in March 1994 as an affiliate of The Uranium Exchange Company (Ux), in order to extend and provide greater focus to Ux's consulting and information services capabilities. Over time, UxC has taken over these functions and now publishes the Ux Weekly and Market Outlook reports on uranium, enrichment, conversion, and fabrication as well as publishing the industry standard Ux Prices, referenced in many fuel contracts.

While publications are an important part of UxC's services, UxC is foremost a traditional consulting firm providing a vast array of custom consulting services. In addition, UxC also prepares special reports on key topics of interest, as well as provides data services, such as nuclear fuel price indicator reporting, including support for the CME/NYMEX uranium futures contract. Given our industry experience, strong analytical skills, comprehensive data, and our team of external consultants, UxC is poised to provide the most complete consulting and information services in the nuclear fuel industry and related nuclear power sectors.

UxC Primary Business Areas


Data Services

Consulting Services