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UxC, LLC (UxC) launched its daily Headline News email service in January 2002. Trying to keep up with all of today's information sources - especially since the advent and expansion of the Internet - is a time consuming and sometimes frustrating task. UxC's Headline News service reduces some of the headaches by filtering a number of news sources, giving you a quick review of the each day's nuclear market news. As pictured to the right, news headlines from around the world are delivered directly to your email box daily. Included with each news headline is a short description, publication date, original source, and a link allowing you to access the story from its original source.

UxC Broker Averager Price (BAP)

Participants both inside and outside of the nuclear fuel industry have continued to seek more frequent and reliable nuclear fuel price indicators. Historically, the industry operated with spot U3O8 prices that were published once a month. In 1987, Ux introduced the weekly Ux U3O8 Price®, the first, and only, weekly price for almost 10 years. In September 2009, UxC launched its daily UxC Broker Average Price (BAP) reporting. The UxC BAP is based on the daily bids and offers as posted by the following brokers participating in the nuclear fuel market: Evolution Markets and Numerco Limited. This price indicator is published on a daily basis, and is made available only to UxC subscribers through several delivery formats including daily email delivery, UxC's Subscriber Services website, and/or direct data feeds.


UxC publishes one of the nuclear fuel industry's best known newsletters, the Ux Weekly. This widely read newsletter is issued every Monday and has been published for over 18 years. The Ux Weekly reports spot prices for uranium, conversion and enrichment, and tracks activity in these markets. It contains thought-provoking commentary, analyses of market developments and a summary of current news events. The Ux Weekly is available by email or download from client website. Subscribers also receive UxC's Daily Headline News service discussed above and have access to a special Subscriber Services section at UxC's web site, which provides links to supplemental materials relating to current topics covered in the Ux Weekly along with convenient access to the hottest sites and documents dealing with nuclear fuel available on the Internet.

The Ux Weekly is more than a simple newsletter, it is an information service provided by the nuclear fuel market's leading market research and analysis company.

SpentFUEL is the only industry newsletter devoted solely to spent fuel storage and transportation issues. Published every Friday, 50 times a year, SpentFUEL covers new market and political developments to bring the reader up-to-date on the numerous activities and issues facing utilities and back-end suppliers today. Issues include the U.S. geologic disposal program, at-reactor dry cask storage plans and licensing activities, contract awards, interim storage proposals, legislation and budget issues affecting the backend, utility spent fuel pool information, surplus plutonium disposition, and transportation. The publication also covers developments in the waste management policies and programs in other parts of the world, including both short- and long-term storage plans, developments related to national or regional permanent disposal facilities, reprocessing, mixed-oxide fuel use.


UxC has developed a unique Market Indicator System to identify potential price movements in the uranium, conversion and enrichment markets by analyzing and rating the underlying trends of key factors in these markets. These indicators are updated monthly and, along with pertinent market commentary, are emailed to subscribers of the associated UxC Market Outlook reports as a way of providing a heads up on market changes.

StoreFUEL was created to assist utility fuel managers, cask designers, fabricators, and other related companies in staying current on the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's (NRC) certification process for spent fuel cask technology. StoreFUEL, published on the first week of every month, details recent cask vendor licensing milestones, updates on licensing activities for each vendor, a brief summary of all active U.S. dry storage programs, upcoming licensing milestones and a recently enhanced section on decommissioning of nuclear power plants. Each edition includes a number of useful reference tables such as casks loaded in the U.S., reactor license expiration dates, plans for future ISFSIs, and more.


To provide more in-depth analysis of key developments and their potential impact on uranium and SWU prices, UxC publishes the Uranium Market Outlook and the Enrichment Market Outlook reports on a quarterly basis. Both reports review the previous quarter's spot and long-term market activity, analyze the outlook for the upcoming quarter, and discuss potential price movements over the short and long term, providing price projections for the restricted and CIS market under three market scenarios. The reports also provide additional detail on the monthly near-term indicators, as well as long-term indicators.


To complete the picture of the front-end markets, UxC publishes a bi-annual Conversion Market Outlook which discusses recent and likely future developments affecting the conversion market and provides projections of future prices under different market scenarios.

Special Reports

UxC also offers a number of special products that include in-depth studies on a particular issue (for example, Market Viability of USEC, Inc., the Russian HEU Feed deal, the evolving EUP market, deregulation of the U.S. electrical utility industry, uranium inventories, and nuclear power development in Asia), monthly reports monitoring subjects in which there is particular interest, and projects that involve the use of our models and databases.

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