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World Nuclear Association Symposium

Gerry Runte
Special Consultant

Gerry Runte began his career as Nuclear Fuel Manager with General Public Utilities Corporation (GPU), acquiring fuel and backend services for four nuclear units. Following the accident at Three Mile Island Unit 2, Mr. Runte was a member of a small team that successfully raised the additional $750 million necessary to complete cleanup. He also served as the owner's representative on behalf of Cajun Electric G&T's 30% share of the River Bend Nuclear Station. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, Mr. Runte served as the Manager of Rate Affairs for GPU Nuclear Corporation, where he implemented a program to assure the corporation's preparedness to withstand operational and management prudence reviews. In the mid-1990s, Mr. Runte was Director of Strategic Planning for the GPU System.

After GPU, Mr. Runte served over the course of nearly a decade in executive leadership roles at the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) and two of its fuel cell development companies, Mosaic Energy and M-C Power Corporation.

In his current position as Principal at Worthington Sawtelle LLC, a marketing consultancy specializing in emerging energy technologies, and previously as General Manager of Clean Energy at ARES Corporation, Mr. Runte has played a central role in structuring joint ventures, identifying and assessing investment opportunities, and guiding product positioning and marketing strategies in the clean energy and alternative fuels sectors. Mr. Runte also provides contract market analysis services to research firms on such topics as smart grids, transmission and distribution (T&D) systems, distributed energy resources, nuclear power, hydrogen, and desalination.

Mr. Runte holds a Bachelor's degree in Math and Chemistry and a Master's in Nuclear Engineering, both from Pennsylvania State University.

Updated: 10/21/15