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Used Fuel Management Conference

Joel Gingold
Special Consultant

Mr. Gingold is an independent nuclear fuel consultant. In 2005, he retired as Vice President and General Manager of Stoller Nuclear Fuel Division of NAC International after 33 years with the Stoller organization and 45 years in the nuclear industry. In this capacity, he supervised all Stoller activities in providing services in the technical, economic, commercial and institutional aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle to utilities, utility organizations and government agencies in the U.S., Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin America. Assignments included projects in nuclear fuel procurement, fuel design review and analysis, quality assurance and nuclear fuel performance.

In addition to his supervisory duties, Mr. Gingold had direct responsibility for NAC Stoller’s activities in assisting clients in the acquisition of nuclear fuel supplies for BWRs, PWRs and the Soviet-designed VVER reactors in Eastern Europe. He directed the development of nuclear fuel procurement strategies as well as the implementation of these strategies through analyses of nuclear fuel markets, the preparation of specifications, analysis and evaluation of the technical, economic and commercial aspects of the resulting proposals and the negotiation and administration of nuclear fuel contracts. He also provided assistance to utilities in the technical and commercial aspects of the transition between fuel vendors.

Mr. Gingold directed, and directly participated in, studies of the design, manufacture and irradiation of high burnup and mixed-oxide (MOX) fuel and the storage of the spent assemblies. On numerous occasions, he provided assistance to attorneys in support of clients involved in litigation and arbitration involving nuclear fuel issues. He also provided expert testimony in these areas before Public Utility Commissions and other regulatory and legislative bodies.

Mr. Gingold is the author of numerous reports, papers and articles on all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle, on utilization of high burnup and MOX fuel and on the factors affecting the reliability of nuclear fuel.

Updated: 8/1/09