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World Nuclear Association Symposium

Thomas L. Hayslett, Jr.
Senior Consultant

Tom Hayslett is an independent Senior Consultant of The Ux Consulting Company, LLC (UxC) and has 35 years of experience dealing with nuclear fuel issues and market matters. Mr. Hayslett has spent most of his career with the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), most recently serving as Manager, Nuclear Fuel Supply. Before that, he served as Manager, Uranium Supply Group, Contracts Section Supervisor in the Uranium Administration Branch, and earlier as a Fuels Engineer and Nuclear Engineer with different branches of the company. Mr. Hayslett is currently an independent consultant and serves as a member of the Board of Directors of Uranium Participation Corporation.

During his tenure at TVA, Mr. Hayslett was responsible for TVA's nuclear fuel supply program, oversaw TVA's mineral rights projects, and administered TVA's uranium supply contracts. He also was involved in fuel design, reactor reload design, reactor analysis, and operational support for TVA's nuclear units.

Mr. Hayslett graduated from Mississippi State University with a B.S. in Nuclear Engineering in 1971 and received his masters degree in nuclear engineering at the same university in 1976. He is a member of Tau Beta Pi and Phi Kappa Phi, and served in the Tennessee Army National Guard. Mr. Hayslett is based in Hixson, Tennessee.

Updated: 5/1/14