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International High Level Radioactive Waste Management 2019

UxC: Nuclear Program Support Services
Strategic Consulting Support for Any Aspiring Nuclear Program

Comprehensive & Independent

Many countries in all parts of the world are examining the potential benefits of nuclear power; however, the development of a nuclear power program is an extremely complex and multifaceted undertaking requiring much effort and resources. As one of the most widely recognized international consulting firms in the nuclear industry, The Ux Consulting Company (UxC) is prepared to provide tailored support services in crucial areas covering the entire nuclear fuel cycle. UxC brings together a team of technical and market experts adept at explaining and navigating various aspects of the nuclear industry.

UxC Overview

UxC was founded in March 1994 as an affiliate of The Uranium Exchange Company (Ux), in order to extend and provide greater focus on nuclear fuel consulting and information services. UxC is widely viewed as the industry leader in supplying uranium and nuclear fuel price and market information through our Ux Weekly publication. As the most trusted source of nuclear fuel market information, UxC’s prices are quoted throughout global media.

UxC also provides in-depth nuclear fuel cycle reporting and analysis through our Market Outlook reports on uranium, enrichment, conversion, and fabrication, as well as our in-depth Nuclear Power Outlook quarterly and Uranium Suppliers Annual. Moreover, UxC prepares many special reports on key topics of interest in all areas of the nuclear energy industry, such as our recent groundbreaking Nuclear Reactor Technology Assessments and Nuclear Industry Value Chain report packages.

In addition, UxC provides custom consulting for a wide variety of international companies and organizations. Based in the U.S., UxC’s global list of clients include nearly all of the world’s nuclear power utilities, uranium miners, and nuclear fuel suppliers and traders, as well as a large number of financial institutions, government agencies, trade associations, and policy organizations with stakes in the industry.

Through our team of experts, UxC is poised to provide the most complete consulting and information services in the nuclear energy markets, backed up by industry experience, strong analytical skills, and comprehensive data.

Specialized Support Services

UxC offers a broad range of specialized consulting services, which can be directly targeted for countries and companies considering the development of nuclear power programs. Potential areas of support include:

  • Benchmarking with established nuclear power programs to identify best practices and potential pitfalls
  • Reactor design evaluations and unbiased technical support
  • Comparative reactor economic analyses and cost estimations
  • Nuclear power plant market and supply chain analysis
  • Detailed explanations of the nuclear fuel markets and future trends
  • Nuclear fuel procurement advice and fuel supply strategy development
  • Nuclear waste management and back-end strategy development
  • Information and analysis of key international legal and nonproliferation standards and commitments
  • Support in crafting effective national government nuclear power policies

For more information on UxC and to discuss our specialized support services, please contact Mike Smith, Senior Vice President, Consulting. A flier in Adobe Acrobat PDF format with the contents of this page is available.

For additional information, please contact:
Mike Smith  +1 (770) 642-7745