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Ux Month-end Prices in Select Currencies (Delayed)

Spot Prices as of May 29, 2017

Country Rate
per US$
per lb
per kgU
per kgU
per SWU
Flag Australia ($) 1.3438 25.87 7.06 7.06 59.13
Flag Canada ($) 1.3449 25.89 7.06 7.06 59.18
Flag China (renmimbi) 6.8560 131.98 35.99 35.99 301.66
Flag Czech Republic (koruna) 23.7252 456.71 124.56 124.56 1,043.91
Flag European Union (euro) 0.8952 17.23 4.70 4.70 39.39
Flag Hungary (forint) 275.73 5,308 1,448 1,448 12,132
Flag India (rupee) 64.5448 1,242.49 338.86 338.86 2,839.97
Flag Japan (yen) 111.31 2,143 584 584 4,898
Flag Korea, South (won) 1,121.94 21,597 5,890 5,890 49,365
Flag Russia (ruble) 56.4170 1,086.03 296.19 296.19 2,482.35
Flag South Africa (rand) 12.9701 249.68 68.09 68.09 570.69
Flag Sweden (krona) 8.7003 167.48 45.68 45.68 382.81
Flag Switzerland (franc) 0.9765 18.80 5.13 5.13 42.97
Flag Taiwan ($) 30.1634 580.65 158.36 158.36 1,327.19
Flag United Kingdom (pound) 0.7789 14.99 4.09 4.09 34.27
Flag United States ($) 1.0000 19.25 5.25 5.25 44.00

Ux Price Indicator Definitions

The Ux Spot Prices indicate, subject to the terms listed, the most competitive offers available for the respective product or service of which The Ux Consulting Company, LLC (UxC) is aware, taking into consideration information on bid prices for these products and services and the timing of bids and offers as well.

  • The Ux U3O8 Price (Spot) includes conditions for delivery timeframe (<=3 months), quantity (>=100,000 pounds), and origin considerations, and is published weekly.
  • The Ux U3O8 Monthly Average Price (Spot MAP) represents the average of all weekly Ux U3O8 Prices for the month.
  • The Ux 3-Year and 5-Year U3O8 Forward Prices reflect UxC's estimate of prices for U3O8 delivery 36 and 60 months forward taking into account market activity and other indicators, using the same quantity and origin specifications as the Spot indicator.
  • The Ux LT U3O8 Price (Long-Term) includes conditions for escalation (from current quarter), delivery timeframe (>= 36 months), and quantity flexibility (up to ±10%) considerations.
  • The Ux Conversion Prices consider offers for delivery up to twelve months forward (Spot) and base-escalated long-term offers (LT) for multi-annual deliveries with delivery in North America (NA) or Europe (EU).
  • The Ux NA UF6 Price includes conditions for delivery timeframe (<=6 months), quantity (>=50,000 kgU), and delivery considerations.
  • §The Ux NA and EU UF6 Values represent the sum of the component conversion and U3O8 (multiplied by 2.61285) spot prices as discussed above and, therefore, do not necessarily represent the most competitive UF6 spot offers available.
  • The Ux SWU Price (Spot) considers spot offers for deliveries up to twelve months forward for other than Russian-origin SWU.
  • The Ux LT SWU Price (Long-Term) reflects base-escalated long-term offers for multi-annual deliveries.

All prices, except for the weekly Ux U3O8 Price, are published the last Monday of each month. (Units: U3O8 = US$ per pound, Conversion/UF6: US$ per kgU, SWU: US$ per SWU)

The Ux Prices represent neither an offer to sell nor a bid to buy the products or services listed.

Euro and other currency price equivalents are based on exchange rate estimates at the time of publication and are for comparison purposes only.

Exchange rates are provided by