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Conversion & Enrichment Supplier Assessments

Source: WNTI

Comparing All Major Suppliers

UxC (UxC) is pleased to announce the publication of the second annual edition of our Conversion & Enrichment Supplier Assessments (CESA) report. This report addresses important questions about supply reliability in the conversion and enrichment markets, and it also provides a risk assessment tool to compare suppliers active within these markets.

Supplier Profiles & Risk Matrices

Quantitative Risk Assessments

Conversion and enrichment suppliers are evaluated based on ten different risk factors unique to the two industries to derive a numerical score to generate clear supplier risk comparisons. Risk scores are based on factors that include:

  • Production capabilities
  • Financial and organizational strength
  • Operations and regulatory issues
  • Exchange rates
  • Technologies and R&D
  • Trade and government factors
  • Transportation and logistics

CESA presents profiles of each supplier in the conversion and enrichment markets as well as brief descriptions and discussions of smaller, non-primary sellers of conversion/UF6 and SWU/EUP. Each supplier profile includes a discussion of the current company status, the latest production and operating situation, as well as the company's approach to the market and sales strategies. Market share comparisons are also included to highlight each supplier's current position in the global nuclear fuel marketplace.

Another critical aspect of this report is to provide market participants with unbiased, quantitative evaluations of the major conversion and enrichment suppliers through a detailed risk matrix approach. CESA's risk matrices use a numerical grading system incorporating ten distinct factors used to assess each converter and enricher, thus allowing for comparative risk assessments.

Why Purchase this Report?

Source: WNTI

Combining UxC's extensive and unparalleled experience and knowledge of the nuclear fuel markets, the new 2021 CESA report offers readers with a critical tool to evaluate and compare suppliers of conversion and enrichment services. Given that both of these markets are undergoing dynamic developments affecting the overall supply situation, now is the time to comprehensively assess how each supplier stacks up in these critical nuclear fuel market sectors.

CESA supplier profiles and risk assessments allow utilities to compare each of their suppliers and gauge the relevant risks within their current and potential future supply portfolios.

For suppliers, investors, and others active or interested in following conversion and/or enrichment supply, CESA provides an independent and unique evaluation methodology to identify how each supplier ranks within the current fuel cycle market.

Companion to CMO/EMO Reports

The CESA report complements our standard Conversion Market Outlook (CMO) and Enrichment Market Outlook (EMO) reports by providing more in-depth background and analyses of conversion and enrichment suppliers. Subscribers to the CMO and EMO will receive a preferential discount for purchasing CESA.

Ordering Information

Please see our product flier and table of contents in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

UxC's new CESA report was published in December 2021 and is now available for immediate purchase. Pricing is as follows:

  • Full Price: US$2,500.00
  • Discounted 10% for subscribers of either CMO or EMO reports
  • Discounted 20% for subscribers of both CMO and EMO reports

An online order form is available.

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