UxC Publication List

Ux Weekly & Headline News

UxC, LLC (UxC) publishes one of the nuclear fuel industry's best known newsletters, the Ux Weekly. This widely read newsletter is issued every Monday and has been published for over 20 years. The Ux Weekly publishes spot prices for uranium, conversion and enrichment, and tracks activity in these markets. It contains thought-provoking commentary, analyses of market developments and a summary of current news events. A subscription to the Ux Weekly also includes daily updates to UxC's Headline News service.

UxC Market Reports

UxC publishes a series of Market Outlook reports, along with indicators of future price movements covering the front end of the nuclear fuel cycle. These reports and UxC's Price Indicator System are discussed below:


The quarterly Uranium Market Outlook report reviews the previous quarter's spot and long-term uranium market activity, analyzes the outlook for the upcoming quarter and discusses potential price movements in the near- and long-term markets. This report also includes two sets of market price indicators that are designed to signal future price changes. Subscriptions include a monthly update of the near-term indicators along with a discussion of potential near-term spot price movements.


The annual Conversion Market Outlook report reviews conversion supply and demand fundamentals, discusses recent and likely future developments affecting the market and analyzes potential future price developments. This report also includes a set of indicators, updated monthly, designed to measure the price outlook over the following year.


The quarterly Enrichment Market Outlook reviews recent activities in the spot and long-term enrichment market developments, analyzes the uncovered SWU positions and contracting activities of western utilities and discusses potential future price developments. This report includes two sets of market price indicators that are designed to alert market players of changing conditions that could affect the spot and long-term enrichment markets. Subscriptions include a monthly update of the near-term SWU market indicators.


The annual Fabrication Market Outlook report reviews fabrication supply and demand fundamentals, discusses recent and likely future developments affecting the market and analyzes potential future price developments.

Nuclear Power Outlook

The UxC Nuclear Power Outlook (NPO) reports will be issued every quarter, four times a year at approximate three month intervals. The NPO report will provide the reader three highly useful items: 1) an in-depth essay focused on a key issue facing the future of nuclear power, 2) a summary of all the latest developments in nuclear power by region or country, and 3) updates to our highly versatile and accurate data tables and forecasts for all nuclear reactors (current, under construction, and planned) around the world. In addition, if an important event occurs, UxC will send out a special news flash summarizing and analyzing its impact.

Uranium Suppliers Annual

The UxC Uranium Suppliers Annual (USA) report is a set of detailed reports that provide timely information on all of the world's uranium producers. This reports include information on production (historical and future projections), project status, reserves, production costs, capacities, mine types, locations, contacts and general background information.

Policy Watch

UxC's Policy Watch (PW) serves as a detailed, accurate, and timely source of information on key policy issues that affect the global nuclear fuel markets. This online information source puts detailed information and analysis into a market research and analysis package that is right at your fingertips. This services was formally know as UxC's Washington Watch.

UxC Nuclear Fuel Training Seminar

One of the many services UxC provides includes an advanced training seminar. All participants in the nuclear fuel markets require up-to-date knowledge and unbiased insights in order to formulate effective strategies either for procurement, sales efforts, investment activities, or other related objectives. UxC's expanded seminar is designed to assist you in achieving these goals by providing an advanced understanding of factors affecting nuclear fuel demand, market price formation, supply source availability, supplier motivations, and utility contracting practices.

Special Reports

UxC also offers a number of special products that include special in-depth studies on a particular issue (for example, American Centrifuge, Geopolitics and the Nuclear Fuel Markets, U.S. deregulation, fabrication contracting, uranium inventories, the evolving EUP market and nuclear power development in Asia), monthly reports on subjects in which there is particular interest and projects that involve the use of our models and databases.

UxC Backend Coverage

UxC is now the publisher of both SpentFUEL and StoreFUEL industry newsletters. Both publications cover major fuel cycle and backend-related conferences in detail. In addition, UxC can advise clients in issues related to the back end of the fuel cycle, including profiles of utility spent fuel storage facilities and plans, country profiles, vendor profiles, etc.


SpentFUEL is the only industry newsletter devoted solely to spent fuel storage and transportation issues. Published every Friday, 50 times a year, SpentFUEL covers new market and political developments to bring the reader up-to-date on the numerous activities and issues facing utilities and back-end suppliers today. Issues include the U.S. geologic disposal program, at-reactor dry cask storage plans and licensing activities, contract awards, interim storage proposals, legislation and budget issues affecting the backend, utility spent fuel pool information, surplus plutonium disposition, and transportation. The publication also covers developments in the waste management policies and programs in other parts of the world, including both short- and long-term storage plans, developments related to national or regional permanent disposal facilities, reprocessing, mixed-oxide fuel use.


StoreFUEL was created to assist utility fuel managers, cask designers, fabricators, and other related companies in staying current on the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission's (NRC) certification process for spent fuel cask technology. StoreFUEL, published on the first Tuesday of every month, details recent cask vendor licensing milestones, updates on licensing activities for each vendor, a brief summary of all active U.S. dry storage programs, upcoming licensing milestones and a brief report on decommissioning activities when applicable.

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