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European Nuclear Power Briefing 2017

Meeting Summaries

DateMeeting Title
Feb 26, 2014Powering Asia with the Atom: ANBP-2014
Feb 5, 201410th Annual Platts Conference: Preserving Nuclear’s Future
Nov 10, 20132013 ANS Winter Meeting: Americans, JUST DO IT!
Oct 22, 2013Nuclear Construction Summit: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
Oct 6, 20132013 NEI-IUFS: Slugging Along in San Antonio
Sep 11, 2013WNA Symposium: Leading the nuclear industry to success?
Jun 26, 2013ATOMEXPO 2013 & IAEA Ministerial Conference: An Integrated Approach
Jun 9, 2013WNFM 40th Annual Meeting: At a Crossroads in Istanbul
May 29, 2013Platts SMR Conference: the market does not wait…
May 13, 2013NEI/NEA: 60 Years – Storied History, Bright Future
Apr 9, 2013WNFC: Look on the Bright Side
Apr 8, 20132013 Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference
Feb 20, 2013Platts: Adjusting the sails while hoping for the wind to change
Feb 14, 2013Wall Street Briefing 2013
Jan 14, 2013INMM Spent Fuel Seminar 2013
Nov 28, 2012US Nuclear Used Fuel Strategy Conference
Nov 14, 2012Waste Confidence Scoping Meeting for the Environmental Impact Statement
Oct 25, 2012US Plant Safety Enhancements Conference
Oct 23, 2012Strategic Programmatic Overview of the SFST and Fuel Facilities Business Lines
Oct 23, 20124th Annual Nuclear Construction Summit
Oct 22, 2012Atoms for the Future
Oct 14, 2012NEI International Uranium Fuel Seminar
Sep 13, 2012NEI Washington International Representatives Meeting
Sep 12, 2012Senate Energy & Natural Resources Full Committee Hearing
Sep 12, 20123rd Annual Spent Fuel Storage and Transportation (SFST) Regulatory Conference
Sep 6, 2012National Academy of Sciences Open Meeting
Jul 31, 2012Nuclear Fuel Supply Forum
Jul 24, 2012Hearing: NRC Policy and Governance Oversight
Jul 17, 2012Commercializing Small Modular Reactors for Domestic & International Markets 2012
Jul 10, 2012Enriching Uranium with Lasers
Jun 21, 2012ECA Peer Exchange on Nuclear Energy
Jun 13, 2012Washington International Representatives Meeting
Jun 13, 2012Hearing on the nomination of Allison Macfarlane and re-nomination of Kristine L. Svinicki to be Members of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Jun 7, 2012Senate hearing: Recommendations from the BRC for a Consent-Based Approach to Siting Nuclear Waste Storage and Management Facilities
May 21, 20123rd Annual Small Modular Reactors Conference
May 8, 20122011 Used Fuel Conference
Apr 24, 20122nd Annual Small Modular Reactor Conference
Apr 4, 2012KazAtomExpo 2012
Mar 26, 2012Asia Mining Congress 2012
Mar 13, 2012Regulatory Information Conference
Mar 12, 2012Japan’s Economic Prospects One Year After 3/11
Mar 6, 2012One Year On: Assessing Fukushima’s Impact
Mar 6, 2012Geological disposal of radioactive waste in West Cumbria?
Feb 28, 2012Budget Hearing – Department of Energy Secretary
Feb 27, 2012NEI/DOE Small Modular Reactor Forum
Feb 9, 2012NEI’s Wall Street Briefing
Feb 9, 2012Platts 8th Annual Nuclear Energy
Feb 8, 2012Full Committee Hearing: Assessing America’s Nuclear Future
Feb 1, 2012Hearings on final report of Blue Ribbon Commission on America's Nuclear Future
Jan 31, 2012INMM 28th Spent Fuel Management Seminar
Jan 25, 2012The Future of Nuclear Energy
Jan 24, 2012CSIS Post-Durban Update
Jan 23, 2012Discussion of Fukushima from a global point of view – from the perspective of energy security
Jan 12, 2012NEI Washington International Representatives Meeting
Jan 11, 2012Nuclear Materials Security Index Launch
Dec 14, 2011U.S. House Committee on Oversight & Government Reform Hearing
Dec 5, 2011U.S.-Saudi Business Opportunities Forum
Dec 2, 2011Full Commission Meeting
Dec 1, 2011University of Chicago Report Rollout on Small Modular Reactors
Nov 17, 20112nd Annual Nuclear D&D Supply Chain Conference USA
Nov 4, 2011France-Atlanta 2011
Oct 27, 2011House Committee on Space, Science & Technology Joint Subcommittee Hearing
Oct 5, 2011Lessons from Japan: Global Implications of Nuclear Disaster
Oct 4, 20114th Annual USEA Energy Supply Forum
Sep 26, 20112nd Annual MENA Nuclear Construction Conference
Sep 19, 201155th General Conference of the International Atomic Energy Agency
Sep 14, 2011Commission Meeting – Briefing on the Japan Near-Term Task Force Report – Short-Term Actions
Sep 14, 2011World Nuclear Association’s (WNA) 36th Annual Symposium
Aug 31, 2011Public Meeting to Solicit Comments on Near-Term Task Force Report
Aug 2, 2011Joint Hearing: Review of the NRC’s Near-Term Task Force Recommendations for Enhancing Reactor Safety in the 21st Century
Jul 27, 2011Markup on H.R. 2054, the Energy and Revenue Enrichment Act of 2011
Jul 26, 2011NEI's Wall Street Briefing
Jul 21, 2011Washington International Representatives Meeting
Jul 19, 2011Meeting on Nuclear Research and Development Capabilities
Jul 15, 2011Hearing on the Safety and Economics of Light Water Small Modular Reactors
Jun 24, 2011Hearing: “NRC Repository Safety Division – Staff Perspective on Yucca License Review"
Jun 23, 2011Webinar: The Aftershocks of Fukushima
Jun 23, 20116th Platts European Nuclear Energy Conference
Jun 21, 2011Meeting on Nuclear Research and Development Capabilities
Jun 16, 2011Hearing on the NRC’s Preliminary Results of the Nuclear Safety Review following Fukushima
Jun 16, 2011Washington International Representatives Meeting
Jun 14, 2011Meeting On Nuclear Research and Development Capabilities
Jun 14, 2011Hearing on the NRC Inspector General Report
Jun 13, 2011Hearing on H.R. 2054, the Energy and Revenue Enrichment Act of 2011
Jun 7, 2011Hearing on S. 512, the Nuclear Power 2021 Act, ... and S. 1067, a bill to amend the Energy Policy Act of 2005
Jun 7, 2011Nuclear Power Europe Plenary Session
Jun 7, 2011Fuel Cycle Information Exchange
Jun 6, 2011ATOMEXPO 2011
Jun 5, 2011WNFM Seville
Jun 1, 2011Hearing on the Department of Energy’s Role in Managing Civilian Radioactive Waste
May 27, 2011Briefing on Results of the Agency Action Review Meeting
May 25, 2011Hearing on Presidential Nominees
May 24, 2011Hearing on Nuclear Research and Development Capabilities
May 23, 2011Platts 2nd Annual Small Modular Reactors Conference
May 18, 2011Hearing on FY 2012 Department of Energy Budget
May 13, 2011Open Meeting, Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future
May 12, 20117th Annual China Nuclear Energy Congress
May 9, 2011Nuclear Energy Assembly
May 4, 2011Joint Hearing, House Subcommittees on Environment and the Economy, and Energy and Power
May 3, 20112011 Used Fuel Management Conference
Apr 14, 2011NEI's Washington International Representatives Meeting
Apr 7, 2011CSIS's "Nuclear Safety After Fukushima"
Apr 5, 2011World Nuclear Fuel Cycle 2011 Conference
Mar 30, 2011Energy and Water Subcommittee Hearing on Nuclear Safety
Mar 29, 2011Full Committee Member Meeting, U.S. Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources
Mar 28, 20112011 Carnegie International Nuclear Policy Conference
Mar 28, 2011Building the Value Chain for Commercializing Small Modular Reactors 2011
Mar 24, 2011CSIS-LSU Series on Disaster Management and Emergency Response
Mar 22, 2011House Science Committee Briefing
Mar 21, 2011U.S. NRC Commission Meeting
Mar 9, 2011University of Tennessee Colloquium
Mar 8, 201123rd Annual Regulatory Information Conference
Mar 6, 2011PDAC 2011
Mar 2, 2011The EPA and the Future of Greenhouse Gas Regulation
Feb 27, 201137th Annual Waste Management Symposium
Feb 16, 2011Platts 7th Annual Nuclear Energy
Feb 7, 2011The American Nuclear Energy Revival Briefing Series
Feb 7, 2011Mining Indaba 2011
Jan 26, 2011Nuclear Fuel Supply Forum
Jan 7, 2011Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future
Dec 3, 2010CSIS Event: World Energy Outlook 2010
Nov 17, 2010NEI International Representative Meeting
Sep 28, 2010China Nuclear Power Leadership Summit 2010
Sep 21, 2010Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future
Sep 16, 2010The Future of the Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Sep 15, 201035th Annual WNA Symposium: Big Shoes to Fill
Jul 27, 2010NEI Nuclear Fuel Supply Forum
Jun 29, 2010Fuel Cycle Information Exchange – Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Jun 10, 2010Meeting: USEA Revival of American Nuclear Industry Meeting Series
Jun 7, 2010ATOMEXPO 2010: No Place for Gloom
Jun 6, 20102010 WNFM: June Gloom
May 25, 2010Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future: May Meetings
May 12, 2010The Nuclear New Build Webinar
May 5, 2010Oversight Hearing, Clean Air and Nuclear Safety subcommittee of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee
May 4, 2010NEI's Annual Dry Storage Information Forum
Apr 29, 2010The Center for American Progress's New Nuclear Security Agenda
Mar 25, 2010Blue Ribbon Commission on America’s Nuclear Future
Mar 23, 2010Resurrecting the Patchwork Strategy
Feb 23, 2010Group on Reliable Nuclear Fuel Services
Feb 22, 2010NEI Small Reactor Forum
Feb 17, 20102009 Platts Nuclear Energy conference
Jan 21, 2010Full Committee Hearing, U.S. Senate Committee on Energy & Natural Resources
Jan 13, 2010CSIS’s Post Copenhagen Outlook
Dec 11, 2009Can We Address Climate Change Without Nuclear Power?
Dec 4, 2009Press Briefing on Copenhagen Conference on Climate Change
Oct 27, 2009Nuclear Industry Congress 2009
Sep 15, 2009EPRI’s 2009 Energy and Climate Change Analysis Update
Sep 14, 2009Climate change: Costs and Benefits of the Cap-and-Trade Provisions of H.R. 2454
Sep 14, 200953rd IAEA General Conference
Jul 17, 2009Nuclear Waste Policy at a Crossroads
Jul 10, 2009Evaluating the Energy Security of a Carbon-Constrained U.S. Economy
Jul 7, 2009A Decisive Regulator Built on a Firm Foundation
Jun 30, 2009Nuclear Development in Central & Eastern Europe
Jun 29, 2009Platts 4th Annual European Nuclear Power Conference
Jun 23, 2009Fuel Cycle Information Exchange – Nuclear Regulatory Commission
May 31, 200936th Annual Meeting of the World Nuclear Fuel Market (WNFM)
May 26, 2009Partner Up! Focus on International Cooperation at AtomEXPO 2009
May 19, 2009European Nuclear Young Generation Forum 2009
May 18, 2009Nuclear Energy Assembly
May 9, 2009U2009 Global Uranium Symposium
Apr 29, 2009Bipartisan Briefing on Nuclear Energy
Apr 24, 2009Presentation by Alexei Kudrin, Russian Federation DPM and Minister of Finance
Apr 23, 2009ANS Washington Chapter Meeting – Presentation by NRC’s Bruce Mallet, PhD
Apr 21, 2009Hearings on The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009
Apr 19, 2009Export Controls Seminar for the U.S. Nuclear Industry
Jan 28, 2009A Roadmap for a Secure, Low-Carbon Energy Economy
Total Updates: 166