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Enrichment Supplier Assessments

A Report Focused on SWU Suppliers and Supply

The enrichment world has changed dramatically since UxC, LLC (UxC) issued the first Enrichment Suppliers Assessment (ESA) in October 2013. The commercial uranium enrichment supply industry has undergone significant change in terms of its make-up, scope, and technology. Examples of this include the change to an all-centrifuge world, the necessity for suppliers to adjust their production capacity to meet reduced market demand post-Fukushima, the more definitive entry of China as a SWU supplier, and the occurrence of destabilizing geopolitical events.

  • Profiles of all enrichment suppliers
  • Detailed risk assessments for existing suppliers and a ranking of SWU suppliers and supply sources
  • Comprehensive supporting information on key factors impacting SWU supply:
    • Enrichment technologies
    • Geopolitical events
    • Trade restrictions

To provide complete coverage of the enrichment supply picture, the ESA 2015 special report assesses each of the major enrichers and their supply sources on a number of key risk factors, including: Financial Strength, Existing SWU Capacity, Organizational Structure, Customer Relations, SWU Technology, Trade Restrictions, Market Share, Regulatory Items, Government Support, and Exchange Rates. In addition to the comparative risk assessments, the ESA 2015 report also provides a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) analysis for each major enricher. The report also gives a full history of each enricher, an analysis of their financial performance, their sources of SWU supply, and their marketing strategy and client portfolio.

While there are only a few suppliers, the enrichment industry is experiencing some turnover in primary supply sources, thereby causing a shift in the balance of market power among the traditional enrichment oligopoly. It is imperative that utility buyers understand the different levels of risk associated with these changing dynamics of enrichment supply, as understanding these risks will allow those with a vested interest in their outcome to make more informed decisions.

ESA 2015 Includes a SWU Market Assessment

In the ESA 2015 special report, there is also a discussion of the current status of the global enrichment market. Numerous changes and unanticipated events have occurred within the enrichment market within the last year, and these changes, in turn, have caused the risk assessment analysis of each supplier to change. The changes have been driven by economic realities, government actions, geopolitical events, and new technologies. Also, with the full effect of the decline in nuclear fuel demand post-Fukushima, enrichment suppliers are now re-thinking their business strategies to deal with excess SWU capacity and excess SWU inventories.

This report seeks to address the following issues and questions:

  • Risk elements of individual suppliers and supply sources.
  • Which supply sources will likely go forward?
  • Will potential changes in ownership affect supply?
  • Will China be a future supply source?
  • To what extent will enrichers also be uranium suppliers?

Importantly, the report also takes a historical look at how different enrichers evolved and how they got to the point where they are today. It will also look at the challenges ahead for potential entrants and existing enrichers who seek to bring new supply into the market.

Companion to EMO Report

This new report is intended to complement our existing Enrichment Market Outlook (EMO) by providing more in-depth background and analyses of enrichment suppliers and supply sources. Subscribers to the EMO will receive a preferential discount for the report as part of an overall report package.

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